Boka Restaurant Group was founded by Rob Katz and Kevin Boehm in 2002 and has become one of the premier chef-driven restaurant groups in the country. Anchored by partnerships with some of America's greatest chefs, BRG has 20 distinct restaurants, each of them crafted individually and conceptually unique.


Taylor Crowley | Director of Sales & Marketing for Boka Restaurant Group |

Hannah Dismuke | Guest Relations Manager for Boka Restaurant Group |

Stefanie Coyne | Director of Catering for Boka Catering Group |

Jamison Miles | Director of Events for Boka Catering Group |

Michelle Herndon | Director of Events for Cira, Cabra, and Lazy Bird |

Emily Young | Director of Catering for Somerset and Devereaux |

Kathleen Konwinski | Catering Sales Manager for Somerset and Devereaux |

Patrick Macellaio | Director of Catering for Goat Group Catering |

Kate Haleblian | Private Events Coordinator for Girl & the Goat & Little Goat |

Samm Donovan | Private Events Coordinator for Duck Duck Goat |

KC Montgomery | Director of Private Events for GT Fish & Oyster and GT Prime |

Brian Crawford | Director of Private Events for Swift & Sons and Cold Storage |

Deneen Thorsen | Director of Private Events for The J. Parker, Elaine's Coffee Call, and The Kennison |

Arianna Favia | Director of Private Events for Momotaro, The Izakaya at Momotaro, and Bellemore |

Katie Kangas | Director of Private Events for Dutch & Doc's and Boka |